The Arleta Library Bakery & Cafe

Because good food is long overdue.
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Our Ethos

The Arleta Library Bakery & Café is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing healthy food to its community at a reasonable price. Additionally, we are committed to sustaining our neighborhood and foodshed by purchasing as much organic food from local farmers and producers as possible and ensuring our employees a living wage.

A fond farewell

To our loyal friends, many of whom we consider to be part of our extended family:

It is with immeasurable sadness that we are announcing the permanent closure of our little "hole in the wall" café. This has been a gut-wrenching decision, and one we are forced to make given the uncertainty of COVID-related timelines and the safety measures needed to operate in this challenging environment.

The café has been my life for the past 15 years. Your friendship and support over that time period has been truly humbling. Through good times and bad, your smiling, satisfied faces have made this endeavor my proudest accomplishment. The relationships that we've fostered over a decade and a half are a blessing that few are fortunate enough to realize. I treasure every laugh, tear, donated plate and coffee mug that you have shared. I will recall with great fondness watching our neighborhood and community blossom. I am honored to say that our joint was a part of that.

Saying goodbye at a time like this is nearly unbearable - no hugs, no shout outs, no last calls. So, we've set up a way for folks to say goodbye virtually here: Say your goodbye

And for those that want to offer a last tip to the amazing Arleta Family, visit us here: The Arleta Family Fund

I wish everyone health and fortitude in these trying times.

I bid you farewell with deep gratitude and no regrets,


Chef, owner and friend until the end…

Along with the amazing Arleta Family…. Andy, Ari, Coco, Ginny, Mazey, Molly, Seth, Zack


“I am so sorry to hear of your closure! We used to come for brunch at least once a month when we lived in the neighborhood. We moved away several years ago and haven’t been back as frequently. I always loved how you made your own catch-up, jam, biscuits, etc. Everything was so delicious and local, and the environment was so cozy. So sad to see you go.”

Andi and Rob

“Nick, your cafe was the first place I felt like a regular when I moved to portland 8 years ago. you always had a way to make me feel like a king when i sat down for breakfast. Portland just won't be the same without you. If you're ever in Bend, drop me a line, it's Dane who you may remember as the bartender at the Skyway Bar and Grill on the way up to Mt. Hood a few years back. Best of luck to you.”

Dane Kingsley

“Arleta was our breakfast spot nearly every weekend for the last few years. This was the place that I would take out of towners to first. Even my friend that swore no one could beat the biscuits and gravy she had in Texas was blown away. Nick and his crew are amazing and you couldn't find a more personal and close knit family feel than at Arleta. We were absolutely devastated by the news of the closure. Not only for our bellies but for Nick and the family of lovely staff at Arleta. We will be sure to follow Nick on his next endeavor in the future and we wish you all the best in this trying time <3 ”

Courtney and Dave Mooney

“I’m so grateful for the way everyone treated me when I went to Arleta. If I was sad you guys made me feel better, if I was happy you celebrated with me. There aren’t enough words to adequately convey how torn up this makes me. Even as I’m writing this I’m trying to think of ways to make everything go back to the way it was. It’s silly, but I can’t really accept the permanence, that this is the way it all ends. If there is to be a rebirth after this is over, I hope to lend my support. I’m going to miss the smartass comments from Nick, the video game chat with Zack, the musical discussions with Andy and Mazey. I’ll miss talking about life with Ari , Seth and Molly, talking drag race with Ginny and talking shit with Coco about hoops. You guys were ALL so good to me. You guys made me mixtapes, had me over for dinner, invited me to weddings. You guys are friends and I will be here if there is anything I can do for you. When all of this is over maybe you guys will let me make you a meal for once to say thank you for all that you’ve done for me. Ok gonna go cry now. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Peter Fleming

“Vero Co Dias, we will be forever lessened from this good bye. Change is the only constant and we will change, adapt and be ready to support all of you wherever this virus sends us all. We literally looked for ward to Mondays, and Saturdays for years, because we knew where we were going and how great it would be to see friends, and eat the best food in Portland. We wish you all health, safety and blessings on your future endeavors! ”

Gary and Ruth

“Mazey!!! You were the best! I will kid seeing your smile and getting a big hug right before a huge feast! I love all the Philly stuff and will greatly miss the amazing energy and wonderful people that worked here and brought the community together ”

Donny from Philly

“Really sad to see the closing announcement. These are tough times, no one could have ever imagined. My late husband and I ate here in 2010. Visiting from FL, arrived PDX and then we headed to Astoria for the Goonies 25th Anniversary celebration. We had seen the cafe profiled on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, and decided to stop in for a bite before making our way to Astoria - it was our first meal in Portland. What a fun little place with yummy food, and we enjoyed talking "Goonies" with the staff. In years past, I had hoped to return to the cafe but never made it back. Many great memories from that trip to Oregon, and Arleta is one of them...

Be safe, and I hope the best for everyone at Arleta!”

Lisa, Jacksonville FL

“I have brought every visitor I've ever had to your cafe for brunch (often multiple times 😂) and this will be the place I will miss the most once this is all over. The pineapple coffee cake was my favorite way to pre-brunch and your recipe for biscuits and gravy is so good, it is literally the only one I've ever liked. Mazey is hands-down the best server in Portland, nay, the world, and I will miss talking about all our hiking and camping and road trip adventures. Thank you, Arleta Library Cafe, for being so wonderful and for opening my eyes to gravy. ”

Katie Roberts

“Arleta’s community personified real service from real human beings. Nothing starchy or fake.

Nick once baked a muffin for me on a slower day after all the pastries were gone, which happened often. I didn’t ask him to, he just did it to serve his community in a humble and perfect manner. He took the time to meet me his community where they were at the best he could.

The entire staff shared in that engagement and spirit, again, without being fake. I felt like they were my people and somehow I was theirs too. ”


“This was by far my favorite brunch spot in town, and I always looked forward to introducing it to family and friends from out of town. I am very saddened to hear of your closure. you will be deeply missed.”

Jeremy M

“I was introduced to you by diners, drive-ins and dives and I have brought my family and friends ever since. I live in Milwaukie but it has been well worth the drive for weekends and some weekdays. My wife loved the biscuits and gravy so much that I would take it home to her so she could eat it the next day and she does not like breakfast foods. I do wish I was closer because coming to the restaurant did feel like home. I liked talking Philadelphia sports with you Even though they aren’t my favorite teams. We will miss you Nick and company! My wife liked to ask for the sweet potatoe buttermilk biscuit recipe. Any chance you could tell us?”

Adam Schneider

“Going to miss the space, vibe, service and great food I found at this little place. One of my go-to places for comfort food, a great cup of coffee and no doubt a tasty meal. I'm hopeful the recipes will end up in a book the fans of Arleta can buy and treasure. Thank you so much! ”

Chris L.

“Of all the COVID-related closures, this one hits the hardest. Arleta has been our spot for countless brunches, friend hangouts, celebrations, and one very special first date. The cafe is such a bright spot in the community, and not once did we ever leave disappointed. (I know I'll be dreaming about the semolina griddlecakes and library fries forever.) Nothing will come close to what this little hole in the wall was for us, and even though we're so sad to see it go, hopeful that we can support whatever your next endeavors may be!

Thanks for everything Arleta Library fam. <3”

Nia H

“The Grecian, ANY of your Quiches, of course the biscuits and gravy, and the stronger-than-necessary coffee were among my favorites. We loved getting that table by the window (along with everyone else!) and enjoying the local art always on display. It saddens me to think that we won’t have anymore opportunities to enjoy the unique, quirky, and delicious place any longer. It’s also such a bummer that there are now several folks without work and income as a result. Thank you for all the years of great food. ”

Paul & Heather

“Best biscuits and gravy in town hands down, found you guys about 2 years ago I would love to go there and sit towards the back if possible enjoy The view to your shop... I'm sorry to see you go but it's understandable but I do hope you decide to make a comeback one day just know you'll be missed in a neighborhood.”


“It is so hard to hear that you all are closing! I was really looking forward to coming in and getting a scone once this was all over and done with. You have been such an important part of the Foster Powell community! You’re my favorite breakfast place in town and you’ve been right down the street! Through good times and bad, I can remember that I always knew my favorite breakfast was close. You all are an incredible team and I can’t imagine the neighborhood without you. Friendly faces and yummy baked goods - you all really are a gem. Thank you for all the years! We will miss you terribly and this breaks my heart. Be well and stay safe friends.”

Chelsea & Alex

“It’s been years since I first came to Arleta’s. I immediately fell in love with the the kindness of the staff and the absolutely incredible food. There’s no restaurant I’ve been to since that made me feel at home like Arleta’s. My entire family would go whenever our busy schedules to lined up and no one was ever disappointed. Arleta’s felt like somewhere you’d go if you wanted to feel welcomed. Not just a place to get The World Best Biscuits and Gravy!... but a place that felt like it was run by passion and pride in something awesome. I’ve taken all my friends, all my family, it’s the first place in Portland I wanted anyone I love to see.

Thank you, for the food, thank you for the memories, thank you for being incredible. ”

J.J. Brady

“I am absolutely devastated to hear of Arleta Library’s closing - you all served up incredible eats, smiles, and kindness to me and my partner regularly. It will be so incredibly hard to wake up on a Saturday at 8am, think “let’s walk to Arleta Library for the greatest breakfast in Portland!!!” and no longer be able to. I will certainly miss your staff the most - a kindness filled and family-like atmosphere of I ever knew one. Wishing the best for you all during these hard times! You will be sorely missed! ”

Lia and Ryan

“Living just a few blocks away from Arleta has been a dream. We have friends over all the time (pre covid) and it became a tradition to go Arleta to put our names down, go get coffee from Space Monkey, and then eat the best breakfast I’ve ever had. Arleta and it’s amazing staff will be sorely missed be me and all of my friends and family. I wish I could have the biscuits and gravy just one last time! ”


“So sad to hear this. Absolutely one of our most favorite spots for breakfast! The biscuits and gravy! The Griddlecakes! Every freaking thing that came out of that tiny little kitchen. Service always perfect, every single experience was amazing and you will all be seriously missed! We hope you all do amazing things in the future! Take care of yourselves and know how much you'll be missed! Much love!”

Nathaniel and Melissa Hobbs

“Thank you for all of the years of service! I live in Memphis TN, but grew up in Milwaukie and over the last 10 years or so I have taken my mom to Arleta's on dates when I was home visiting, and 2 years ago I had brunch with my wife right after we got engaged and it became our little spot in Portland. Arleta's has always been a special place, and the home fries are unbeatable. Thank you for all the love and food! ”

Eric Parker

“I will miss you all so much! I loved spending my weekend mornings with not just the Arleta family, but with the friends we made along the way. 💓 this is so heartbreaking.”

Ariel Torgrimson

“So sorry for this gut wrenching decision you had to make. We Love you all! Thanks Nick Iannarone for all of the fun times and the amazing neighborhood spot. Soooo many memories and so many good friends. I’m looking forward to an Arleta reunion and giving you a big hug. Think of you.”

Erika Torgrimson

“the first time i walked in, i knew it was my kind of joint. an unrealized dream of mine come to life by someone else’s brilliant hands. who knew i would find what only resides in my mind, and a dear, loved-deeply friend, to boot! i miss you so, neighbs. 🖤”

Kate Carder

“Big hugs Arleta Family and thank you for serving our community. That corner will never be the same again. We will miss you. <3”

Erika Wilson

“Arleta was our favorite breakfast/brunch spot. From living in Portland to away for 7 years and now back, it always was that welcoming spot to come back to, and the food quality was always amazing. I still have not found a better biscuits and gravy (how can we get that sweet potato biscuit recipe haha) anywhere. It was especially fun to see our young kids love Arleta as much as us. The community cultivated here and the incredible service treated people like family. We will miss you guys greatly and hope for better times ahead.”

Luke and Andrea Fletcher

“My favorite breakfast in Portland. Both food and service. Will be solely missed. Sending hugs to all!”


“We are SO sad! We missed Neal's annual breakfast there on March 8th and were planning on making up for that in late March when this whole thing hit. You were our favorite breakfast place in Portland and worked so hard. I am so sorry. This sucks! You will be very, very missed. Christine Hevel Neill -we are so happy you got to experience Arleta Library before this all happened. And Kathryn S. Shively, Ellie Hevel, and anyone else we brought here to experience the amazing food and service. :-(”

Tasha Danner

“ Nick, Between the breakfast dates and the morning after breakfasts I’ve enjoyed there, it felt like a second home. It was great to get to know you a little over the years. I was stoked that time you showed up at Timberline and I was able to repay the hospitality you’ve shown me over the years. Let us know what’s next for you. You’re a gem in the FoPo community and people will be happy to support you no matter what you get into next. Thanks for the coffee cake, Brandon”

Brandon Smyton

“ NOOOOOO!? I’m so terribly sorry to hear this news! We used to plan our travels from Seattle going south - around a stop at Arleta’s when ever possible. With out a doubt, one of the best breakfast spots on the planet. Thank you for bringing us such great memories and truly amazing food. Be well and all the best to everyone at Arleta Library Bakery Cafe. 😭”

Tim Lau

“ I am so sorry. It was a terrific place to eat and I loved seeing your posts even though I live in Salem. Good luck. I bet a nickel that something wonderful is waiting down the road.”

Irene Longaker

“ So sad to see this Nick! You guys opened up right around the time I moved to the neighborhood and you’ll forever be a part of my fond early experiences living here. You’re such a good dude and I really hope to see you again soon. Best of luck with whatever is next for you!”

Sam White

“I’m heart broken. I haven’t lived in Portland for a few years, but you’re were always the top of my list for eating out and were such an important keystone of the neighborhood I called home. My condolences and best wishes for what your futures bring.”

Marcus Young

“Noooooooooo! 😭😭😭 the sadness is too much. You were the first cafe we stumbled upon when we moved to the area six years ago and what a gem we discovered. We’ve been many times with our growing family and enjoyed the incredible food and the curated art shows. We always considered your cafe the place to buy art for our home. Love you guys!”

Marieta Chanco Easley

“ Your place was at the forefront of our neighborhood transition. It’s been so nice to walk to breakfast in the neighborhood. I’ll miss the window seats, legendary biscuits and gravy, and the excellent company. I’m sad to hear this and hope you find success in your next venture. Xoxo”

Buffy Rhoades

“MAZY, NICK, & ALL YOU OTHER LOVELYS: We will miss you so deeply. One of Melody (now wife) and I's first dates was with you guys... We weren't in often, maybe once a month as a treat to ourselves. But we loved every single one of you and every creation on those plates. We hope we get to meet again and we look forward to your next adventures, whatever they may be. ”

Melody & James

“Dear Arleta Family, You will be missed by us and our family. When I heard about your biscuit s& gravy on Diners,Drive-Ins&Dives, I had to visit. They did not disappoint 🤗 We’ll miss our brunch date. The menu and staff are the best. If you publish recipes for scones, biscuits & gravy,coffe cakes,pane dolce, I’ll be there to get one for sure. We wish you the best and take good care. This is so sad.”

Rich & Pattie Ferguson

“thank you for all the bites that were so good for the soul. you will all be dearly missed.”


“Heartbroken goodbye...Arleta Library has been our "go to" place for over a decade. You always provided a great start to our day. My son and I were regulars and we cant imagine our neighborhood without you. You have been our favorite spot, treating us like family and serving up the best food in town. If you ever start up anywhere else please let us know. You were the epitome of excellent Portland cuisine and down home hospitality. We will miss you deeply. With love and best wishes....Kathy and her sons, Daniel and Mark.”

Kathy Hannigan McNamara

“We are beyond deeply saddened to read this news. Arleta Library was our go to local brunch spot, walkable from our house and always such a friendly and delicious experience. I will remember fondly you baked goods (currently drooling thinking of them!!), your delicious scrambles and homemade jams. The Library was truly a gem, an ‘old- Portland’ institution that these days are few and far between. It breaks my heart that is this happening, and I truly wish you all the best. Your food, your energy, and the environment you created will be missed! ”

Lisa B.

“Heartbroken goodbye...Arleta Library has been our "go to" place for over a decade. You always provided a great start to our day. My son and I were regulars and we cant imagine our neighborhood without you. You have been our favorite spot, treating us like family and serving up the best food in town. If you ever start up anywhere else please let us know. You were the epitome of excellent Portland cuisine and down home hospitality. We will miss you deeply. With love and best wishes....Kathy and her sons, Daniel and Mark.”

Katleen Mcnamara

“This place was my favorite breakfast spot and I’m saddened to see it go. Mazey was a true treasure and going to this place brought me back to Philly. Wishing you all the best of luck. ”

Dan from Manayunk

“Yo that jam got me out of a serious jam. Really going to miss this place. I only starter eating here for a few months, but it was 20/10 everytime. Great food and even better people. Thanks fam!”


“Best biscuits and gravy in Portland. Thanks for the fun breakfasts. ”


“Nick & All,

We are so sad you have closed!! Yes, the food was terrific, but the friendship was so much more. Somehow thank you just isn’t enough. We will miss you dearly!

All the best! Stay well!”

Bob & Joyce McKean

“I'm deeply saddened by the closure of ALBC, even though I understand the circumstances. I first came to the cafe over 10 years ago on my first visit to Portland. I had seen the DDD episode and a visit to the cafe was on my must-do list. I ordered the sweet potato biscuits & gravy and I remember the dish being absolutely phenomenal. ALBC is one of the places that I tell everyone about because the food is amazing, the staff is friendly, everything is made from scratch, and it exudes a true Portland vibe. I think of my first visit quite often and will regret not visiting more. Good luck in your future journeys. I hope that you will consider some sort of other food venture. ALBC was a special place and it will be deeply missed.”

Vanessa Basil

“I am going to miss you’re coffee cake so much. It’s the best coffee cake I’ve ever had in my entire life. My boyfriend, his mom, and I all had the same reaction after we took our first bite...”Holy Sh*t!” Every time we ate at Arleta we ordered a slice. We’ve even been talking about how we would get a slice when all this was “over.” Thank you for the best breakfast I’ve ever experienced and many lovely brunch dates with my boyfriend. All the love! ”


“Even though we are nearly 3,000 miles away from your little restaurant, you were a "happy place" for my wife and I whenever we were in Portland visiting my brother. You were a place to grab a quick bite; a slice of coffee cake to-go; or linger over a mug of coffee. You were a refuge from the chaos of being around family for days on end. We will miss you and all your charms. For the world is a little less delicious without you.”

Jonathan Copeland

“Oh wow. Oh wow. This is an end to a chapter in our sweet neighborhood. Arleta Library closed?!

I remember when the paper went up on the windows and we wondered what it would be. We were regulars for years until we moved and up until recently went in on special occasions. Oh, the baked goods. Oh, the joyful staff. Oh, the delicious food. Oh, everyone's crush on Nick!

Blessings on the staff and Nick's next adventures. Thank you for the joy and good times.”

Crystal & Hunter Benson

“Disco fries cured my hangovers. We solved a lot of relationship problems at those tiny tables. Scones and coffee cake for breakfast dessert. Gravy a balm for my soul. No one ever closed the door. I will miss you with all my heart and stomach and memory. ”

Robyn Crummer

“Your gravy was the soul-spackle that mended many of my broken hearts over the last few years. Thank you for all the love and memories your cooking has provided.”

Kate Reinecke

“To all of the staff, Your kindness and banter is something I'll always remember. Sitting in Arletas felt like sitting with family and i will miss you!”


“Your gravy was the soul-spackle that mended many of my broken hearts over the last few years. Thank you for all the love and memories your cooking has provided.”

Kate Reinecke

“My heart and my stomach are in knots at the news of my favorite cafe closing. This place was truly the best of the best. I grew up in Portland, and to me it just doesn't get any better. Many memories with friends and family, and the friendly staff alike. You will be missed very much and never forgotten. Thank you so much for all the years, I wish you all the absolute best. ”

Mario Petrina

“We live less than a block away from the cafe and the wonderful scents that would come our way on a daily basis would make sticking to any diet incredibly difficult! But I remember the summer after my mother died and when you were just opening your doors, we had a LARGE yard sale. My mother was a lover of all things made of blue glass and you came by our sale and picked up a few of her beloved blue glass treasures and used them as decor in your cafe!! My mother was an amazing cook and that would have made her very happy. I will miss seeing the crowds waiting patiently for their turn to come inside and smelling breakfast each day from my yard but I wish you health, happiness and good luck on your next adventure!!”

Marcia A.

“I’m so sad to hear you won’t be able to stay open. My sweetie and I LOVED your Biscuits and Gravy! Hands down the best in Portland! If we got them somewhere else we would always compare them to yours, they didn’t have a chance. I hope you and your family much success in all of your future endeavors! You will be greatly missed. 😕❤️😎 ”


“This was the first place we ever done when we moved to Portland, and had been a regular favorite. I'm so sad to see you go. ”

Katie Snider

“Your food was outstanding as well as the service. I will miss all of the baked goods and the feeling of home every time I ate there. Have you thought about a cookbook? I would love to try my hand at some of your recipes! All the best to you and your families!”


“Our son was recruited to play football at Oregon and some other spots, but settled playing at Stanford. We made 2 trips to Oregon when Stanford played the Ducks in in Eugene in 2016 and 2018, and decided to fly into Portland to eat some good food. After some research and recommendations, we made stops at your cafe both years, getting up early to make sure we got in. Amazing! Everything was so good. We took sacks of your breakfast pastries with us on the plane. The biscuits and gravy, the fried potatoes, and the pastries. We have recommended your restaurant to many friends and are sorry to hear that you're closing. Best of luck and thank you for building such a great place to eat. It was wonderful!”

Carl Barton

“Best coffee cake and quiche in town. Really gonna miss y'all! ”


“Loved coming here. I lived in the area and was lucky enough to have tried many MANY a coffee cake varieties. You guys always crushed it, everything for that matter. Many, MANY thanks to the crew there. This SE Magical Gem will be missed dearly. ”

Tyson DeFrance

“I’ve come into this place a total of maybe 6 times and every time I was blown away by the amazing service, food and atmosphere. When recommending any breakfast place this was the first one I’d bring up. I am so sorry that you had to make this hard decision, but please know you have so much love and care coming your way from all over Portland, especially the Mt. Scott neighborhood. We love you guys and you are so missed! Best of luck on the next steps in your journey ”

Maggie Curry

“My family moved to the neighborhood when my son was 3 weeks old. We made so many memories carting him over for weekday breakfasts to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, first day of school, etc. Thank you for the memories, delicious food, and warm treatment. We will really miss you.”


“I love you all. I wish the best for your coming ventures and dreams. I will miss your specials, the fabulous eggs and most of all your delicious coffecakes. 🥰 Any chance you could share that recipe?”

Zina Starr

“So sorry to hear you are closed permanently.. although I do understand your decision.. just saw the re-play from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and was hoping to drop by after Portland calms down from all of this.. Sorry, I won't experience your sweet potato biscuits and sausage gravy... All the best to your next venture ... Blessings.. ”

Suzan Brawnlyn

“I absolutely loved going to Arleta!! I would take my out of town guests there to show them Portland has the Best food. Going to Arleta, and knowing everyone there, is ever so comforting. The main reason I went there was the quiche, I would love the recipe, so I can recreate it at home. Not sure how you made it so Fluffy and airy, with all the local organic ingredients picked everyday. I wish everyone the bestest luck with their future endeavors in life!!!!”

Jessica K.

“I was deeply saddened and shocked to hear my favorite restaurant has permanently closed down. I had some of the best food in town here. Those Thursday philly cheese steaks with the works were out of this world amazing and the best ever biscuits and gravy! If you guys decide to get another location or food cart or something please inform all of us! I've had some of the best little mommy kid breakfast dates there. Ugh. .. whyyyyyy???? 😭😭😭😭😭 ”

Shalini Dass

“Your place was my favorite stop for breakfast. I’m a self-employed guy from Ashland who travels to Portland often and your place was always at the top of my list! I even got my 80-something year old mother to go with me on a trip and your quiche special was one of her all-time favorite restaurant meals! You did it right! Blessings and Gratitude ❤️ Michael Connors”

Michael Connors

“I am extremely sad about this, but am not surprised. COVID-19 has been a nightmare for small businesses, even ones as superb as this. I used to have my coffee cake, side of bacon and coffee as part of the early crowd on a regular basis, and I fell in love with the place, the service and the food. I hope you all land on your feet.”


“We used to drive up from Bend specifically to visit Arleta Library Cafe. We are bummed you had to close - thank you for everything!”


“I'm going to miss you so much! I just want to express my gratitude for all the random moments of love and kindness, the great pancakes (with bacon and blueberries please!) quiches, and coffee cakes.... No other Cafe will ever live up to my memory of the Arleta library. ”

Becky Luening

“I am deeply saddened to learn that your cafe has permanently closed. I will treasure the memories that I keep of my late husband and I enjoying breakfast in your humble cafe.”

Diana Bartolus

“When I was in high school, my mentor took me out to breakfast at Arleta Library. Ever since then, Arleta Library has stuck out to me as one of my favorite cafes in Portland. Gone back again and again. Delicious food, nice people, and a great location. So much love to you all in this difficult time.”

Drew Fajen

“Nick, I just watched the Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives which had the Arleta Library Bakery Cafe on it. I’ve never been to your place but your food looked delicious. I missed the part when you were making your sausage gravy. Is there any chance you’re going to put some of your recipes out there? My kids favorite food of all times is sausage gravy and biscuits. I would love to make yours for my kids. I’m sorry to hear of the closing of your place. The comments left by friends makes me sad that another great place has closed because of Covid. If you ever put your recipes out there I’d love to try making them at home for my kids. Thank you ”

Patrick Crown

“You were my favorite- on my list for out of town guests, for Mother’s Day and my birthday, a must go to before I moved away from the city three years ago. I just looked you up as we plan to come back to the city and hoped to have breakfast before a day of house hunting. I’m so so sorry. You brought so much joy and pleasure!”

Christine Klein-Leong

“This is a tough pill to swallow. We fled Portland in the beginning of covid and returning for a vacation with this little gem on our agenda. I totally understand the needs to close and hope every soul of this restaurant finds a new path of purpose and fulfillment. Thank you all for each enjoyed meal and time there. ”

Melissa W.

“Best Biscuits and Gravy I Have Ever Had!”

Sara Ashwood

“We are so very sorry to read that your little cafe has permanently closed. We started looking at our favorite places now that things are starting to open up again to see if you are open and hated see this sad news. You should be very proud of the business you created and provided to the community. You will be missed. We wish you well as you move on to new possibilities. -The Ringolds ”